The Solution

A holistic cloud computing solution
built for financial advisors


Strategic and Cost Efficient Investment

Invest in high liquidity and diversified portfolio

We carefully select a pool of ETFs with great potential that track indexes for various asset class to diversify our portfolio construction.

Increase adaptability and minimize risk

Continuously rebalancing investment portfolio using SmartGlobal® Algo , we are able to adapt quicker to market volatility and reduce daily risk created by human error.


AQUMON for Institutional

Working for you around the clock

AQUMON is a 24/7 self-sustaining middle and back office that can handle large quantity of trade volume without any extra monitoring.

Set it, sit back and enjoy the benefit

SmartGlobal® Algo will continuously rebalance your portfolio to produce the most optimized investment decision.

20% Stocks + 80% Bond = - P.A.

Accumulated return from 2002 to 2016 = 129.93%

  • 0% Stocks 0%,Bond 100%
  • 10% Stocks 10%,Bond 90%
  • 20% Stocks 20%,Bond 80%
  • 30% Stocks 30%,Bond 70%
  • 40% Stocks 40%,Bond 60%
  • 50% Stocks 50%,Bond 50%
  • 60% Stocks 60%,Bond 40%
  • 70% Stocks 70%,Bond 30%
  • 80% Stocks 80%,Bond 20%
  • 90% Stocks 90%,Bond 10%
  • 100% Stocks 100%,Bond 0%

About this data

AQUMON’s performance numbers are based on the back-testing of the AQUMON’s global portfolio with different equity-to-bond ratios. All the percentage returns include a transaction cost of 0.2% (subject to actual dealing rates) and the expenses of the underlying ETFs. All values are nominal. The return per annum is computed as compound annual growth rate (CAGR). To calculate compound annual growth rate, divide the value of an investment at the end of the period in question by its value at the beginning of that period, raise the result to the power of one divided by the period length, and subtract one from the subsequent result.

Optional benchmark includes MSCI All Country World Index, whose performance reflects return of the global equity market.

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