Our Mission

To become the most trusted digital partner for financial institutions, realizing strategic asset allocation goals for every portfolio.

Financial Markets
An experienced team of financial veterans, who deeply understand the needs of financial institutions, providing professional advice on risk management and software customization.

Kelvin Lei

Chief Executive Officer

9 years of experience in Sales and Trading under FICC markets, Kelvin was Vice President in Deutsche Bank and has helped various funds allocate USD 10 billion worth of trades into equity and FICC market. Now he is leading the financial market team in selecting the most optimized ETF.

Kevin Ji

Senior Investment Consultant

A former investment banker at Goldman Sachs, Kevin has 8 years of hedge fund portfolio management experience in global multi-strategies, which involves managing assets over USD20 billion. He graduated from Duke University with a Mathematics and Economics degree.

Summer Yan

Business Development Manager

Over two years front line working experience in wealth management industry, specializing in business communication and development. Degree in Marketing Information Management in City University of Hong Kong.

Nety Wu

Business Analyst

With a BSc degree in Economics and Finance from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Nety is now responsible for financial data collection and analysis, and supports business development.

Quantitative Team
Asia’s most robust quantitative development team. Innovative academic patents on optimal asset allocation models, covariance estimation and time series algorithm.

Don Huang

Head of Quantitative Research

Specializing in financial mathematics, Don obtained his PhD from HKUST and has published several papers in top journals. An expert in his field of study, he co-founded Magnum Research and now leads the AQUMON quantitative team in developing the SmartGlobal and SmartChina Framework.

Viola Zhang

Senior Quantitative Consultant

10 years of investment experience, Viola is an Equity-Quant at the biggest mutual funds in the US. Prior to her Master of Financial Engineering at UC Berkeley, she is a graduate of Bachelors in Electronic Engineering at Tsing Hua University.

Ryan Liu

Senior Quantitative Engineer

Ryan obtained his PhD from HKU, where he performed frontier research on quantitative modeling with machine learning. He also has algorithm trading experiences on US, HongKong and China market, and now he is one of our quantitative engineer in developing the SmartGlobal and SmartChina Framework.

Lance Li

Quantitative Engineer

Prior to his Master Degree in Financial Mathematics at HKUST, Lance obtained his BEng in Electrical Engineering and Automation and BSc in Mathematics at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Now, Lance is part of the development team for AQUMON algorithm model and back-testing framework.

IT Team
A team of experienced software developer to build a user friendly system and interface for you and your clients.

Charlye Lei Cao

Software Engineer

Former consultant at IBM Global Business Services focusing on a diverse portfolio of IT related projects. Bachelor and Master in Electronic Engineering at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Mengchi Jia

Software Engineer

Bachelor of Computer Science and Mathematics at National University of Singapore. Mengchi was a technical backbone in one of the largest Internet company in Southeast Asia.

Yi Chai

Senior IT Consultant

Former senior product manager at Microsoft Seattle, Master of Computer Science at Stanford University.

Atta Ho

Front-End Developer

Experienced in large scaled front-end development, Bachelor of Computer Science at HKUST. Had overseas exchange to Stanford University and National University of Singapore.