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AI Investment Product

AQUMON equips our clients with state-of-the-art AI and Quant-driven investment solutions that are highly customizable.

AI China Alpha Strategy

AI China Alpha Strategy (ACAS) AQUMON’s alpha seeking China A-Share strategy driven by our AI-powered factor & quantitative models. Consistently out-performing the CSI 300 & peers since inception.

All Weather Dynamic Strategy

All Weather Dynamic Strategy (AWDS) AQUMON’s global asset allocation strategy with multiple layers of diversification to produce an exceptional risk-return profiles at various volatility targets

Core Satellite


Strategised by Advanced Investment Scientists

AQUMON Bespoke can help you manage risks and take advantage of opportunities. With Asia's largest team of investment scientists, AQUMON Bespoke resets the bar for personalized investment management by setting new performance standards market-wide.

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Understand Your Wealth with Asia's Most Advanced Financial Technology

Dedicated Investment Advisor

Your advisor is available to answer your investment questions, curate your financial needs, and analyse your investment objective to reach your goals.

Hyper-Personalised Investments

Benefit from our bespoke Core-Satellite investment framework. Our SmartAdvice tool diagnoses your investment needs and generates a bespoke report in just 3 days.

Exclusive Investment Portfolios

Access top-performing private equity products to capture market dividends and excess returns. Diversify risk with our multi-strategies.

Bespoke Benefits

Enjoy closed door meetings with private consultations with AQUMON's chief economist. Exclusive privileges and priority services included.

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Come enhance your risk / return profile with AQUMON's proprietary AI & Quant know-how.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes AQUMON Bespoke so unique?
AQUMON's powerful team of data scientists are experts in big data, backtested financial frameworks, AI financial modelling, and risk control. Our investment products and services are used by more than 150 institutions and family offices to manage billions in financial assets. Our algorithms and quantitiatve investments are renowned for their ability to capture risk-adjusted returns even during the most volatile of market conditions.
Who are eligible AQUMON Bespoke clients?
AQUMON Bespoke is an investment service exclusively for professional investors. If you are new to AQUMON, please contact our VIP Wealth Management team to help you complete the account opening process and deposit at least HK$2,000,000 or the equivalent in USD. Once these steps are complete, our wealth management team will assist you in creating your optimal investment plan. If you are an existing AQUMON user and have at least HK$2,000,000 in investable assets, please contact our account manager to learn more about our AQUMON Bespoke services.
What is SmartAdvice?
SmartAdvice is AQUMON's proprietary diagnosis tool used to understand your investment needs and curate an optimal investment portfolio for you. SmartAdvice will consider your investment preferences and objectives to help formulate your tailor-made professional investment plan. SmartAdvice advises on how best to invest in global stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, futures, foreign exchange or derivatives. The resulting recommendation will be a bespoke "Alpha Allocation" investment plan that is different from the investment strategies available on the AQUMON investment app.