Investment involves risks. The fund does not give any guarantees. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of its future performance. AQUMON does not guarantee the performance of any AQUMON funds, the return of an investor’s capital nor any specific rate of return. Value of investments can go down as well as up. Prior to investing, please refer to the Explanatory Memorandum of the fund for details including risk factors. You should ensure you fully understand the risks associated with the investment and should also consider your own investment objective and risk tolerance. If you have any queries, please contact your financial advisor and seek professional advice.

As investment in the funds often involves investing in international markets. In addition to the normal risks associated with investing, international investments involve the risk of losing all or part of any capital from unfavourable fluctuations in currency values, from differences in generally accepted accounting principles or from economic or political instability in other nations. An investment in emerging markets also involves heightened other risks such as increased volatility and the possibility of lower trading volume.
I am a professional investor.
I understand and know the above risks disclosure.

AI for Alpha
AIM for Alpha

Leading AI investment strategies to capture alpha

A hedge-fund-like experience with more customisable solutions

Create Alpha Through AI Insights

Access personalised investment strategies and get 1-on-1 specialist support to help reach your goals.

Experience Our Core Competencies

AI Brain
Our platforms use machine learning algorithms and quantimental investment philosophies
Strong Data Centre
We have 6 data centers worldwide covering 100,000+ different financial instruments
Trading Engine
Our engine connects to 30+ global exchanges and achieves micro-second, end-to-end response speeds

Our Strategies

AI China Alpha Strategy

#Long Only/Hedged
#China A-Share Equity Market
#Base Currency: CNY

Each stock has its own set of attributes, also known as factors. Under constantly changing market conditions, these factors have different levels of correlation with future returns.

AQUMON uses machine learning algorithms to establish the relationships between factors and A-share equity market returns. This strategy allows investors to enjoy substantial alpha returns whilst effectively weathering market volatility.

SmartGlobal® Tactical Asset Allocation

#Long-term Asset Appreciation
#Global markets
#Base Currency: USD

Our professional investor grade algorithm SmartGlobal® Tactical Asset Allocation enhances portfolio performance by seeking active risks whilst increasing the overall resilience of your portfolio. It is composed of UK, US, and HK-listed ETFs to achieve stable, long-term returns through diversification.

Its sub-strategies include SmartRotation and SmartHedging.

Global SmartREITs

#Real Estate Investment Trust
#Global markets
#Base Currency: USD

AQUMON Global SmartREITs gives you access to the largest and most tradable REITs from around the world. Through mean-variance optimisation, our SmartREITs strategy generates stable long-term returns, high dividend yields and controlled downside risks.

AQUMON rotates an investable pool of REITs to ensure that your SmartREITs portfolios are optimally constructed under constantly changing market scenarios.

Our Fee Structure

Fee schedules will differ based on your chosen strategy and your portfolio’s performance.

1 - 1.5%

Management Fees

10 - 15%

Performance Fees

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