When Uncertainties Seem Like The Only Certainty?

When Uncertainties Seem Like The Only Certainty?

Written by AQUMON Team on 2022-06-27

How AQUMON Can Help?


AQUMON has been focusing squarely on AI & Quant-driven asset allocation strategies in the past 6 years. Our accumulated know-how in the industry is taking the Nobel-winning Markowitz Portfolio Theory to a whole new altitude with the superb risk-adjusted return at different volatilities.


Inspired by the Black-Litterman Model, AQUMON's proprietary AI Macro engine provides a near-term view on asset class performance, serving as the first step of the allocation path. Next up, our unique quantitative models on country momentum, sector & thematic plus security rotations come in to capture the essence in appropriating the right portions in each bucket.


This multi-asset / multi-layer approach on diversification yields better navigation through market cycles & allows opportunities in different asset classes to be captured while their risks are managed systematically. By cocktailing various assets in a skillful manner backed by an enormous amount of data research & quantitative protocols, market fluctuations become a solvable mathematics equation here at AQUMON.



Unsettled Market Landscape- Why AQUMON Can Help Now?


With rebounding US CPI figures in May, market sentiment as tallied by Bank of America & CNN (Figure 1 & 2) is once again hovering at low levels last seen only in March of 2020, during the onset of COVID-19. Reflecting investors' perception on increasing downside risk in the US economy & their worries that the Fed will have to sacrifice growth in favor of containing inflation, a task it has yet to accomplish.



Figure 1 - BofA Research Bull & Bear Indicator


Figure 2 - Fear and Greed Index



In fact, since the arrival of Covid-19, economic weakness & rising prices showed no signs of retrieval & combined with ongoing supply chain disruptions among other recovery potholes, uncertainties are almost a certainty in the last 2 plus years. Figures 3 & 4 below showed inflation pulls up (pink) as GDP drops (purple) while market volatility (purple) climbs to be contrasted by a rocky descent in Equities (pink).



Figure 3 - Inflation vs. GDP


Figure 4 - S&P500 vs. VIX



On the contrary, in China, with Shanghai's city-wide lock-down over, authorities are busy baking economic stimuli to go along with an easing monetary stance to boost growth; How would such opposite economic forces in the world's 2 largest economies play out? How would the results ripple through to other economies? And last but not least, how would portfolios around the world be affected & how should investors strengthen their portfolios accordingly?



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A multi-asset portfolio with global exposure carrying a dynamic allocation pertaining to underlying economic growth could potentially offset current market turmoil, if a systematic approach is there to afford the right asset mix plus proper ongoing refinements.  Schedule a free consultation with us to learn more about AQUMON's market-adapting solutions.


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